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Dancing Lamb ewes doing what they do best - on a beautiful fall day.
We have been breeding for increased milkiness (we milked and made cheese commercially in the past).  Our ewes have their lambs on pasture and are great moms.  The babies are vigorous and are up and nursing quickly.  We've retained family lines that are friendlier and easier to handle (so they would take to the milking parlor more easily).  We are also interested in quality fleeces and are proud of our beautiful sheep of many colors and patterns.
Now that we have "downsized" a bit, we have chosen to focus on horned Icelandic's (they have always been our favorites).  Our current flock have been chosen from a pretty large selection of ewes and rams that are the culmination of 15 years of breeding  They are the creme of the crop and their offspring are wonderful. 
All our sheep are OPP, SCRAPIE, Johnies, Brucellosis, TB  and Foot-rot free. 

Fall rams

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